The 9th Annual Joedance Film Festival

August 3-4, 2018, 8pm-11pm

 We’re blown away by the talent of the filmmakers for the 9th Annual Joedance Film Festival. 

Music: last summer – “blue sky”

The Joedance Film Festival, held annually the first weekend of August, in Uptown Charlotte’s Fourth Ward neighborhood and hosted by The Charlotte Ballet, honors the late Joe Restaino to raise funds for rare pediatric cancer research and clinical trials at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. Joedance is also committed to supporting filmmakers, producers, writers and directors with a Charlotte connection by screening their films at the film festival.

The Joedance Family would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all the filmmakers who submitted their beautiful work and to all those who came to enjoy the films with us. We have donated over $130,000 to Levine Children’s Hospital. We couldn’t do it without you!

2018 Film Selections


TranceMini Documentary (2:07) Directed by Mike Reda. An amateur fighter describes what it’s like to get into the ring, and what led him to pursue that lifestyle.

For Love (8:00) Written and Directed by Kevin Murray. Matt schleps through his workdays at a local convenience store, mostly unnoticed by his customers, colleagues and to his sorrow, Maddie, the girl of his dreams. Little do they know that Matt single-handedly saves the world from destruction every night as a hero.

Knight Errands (22:53) Directed by Jackie Gamber; Written by Dan Gamber. Steadfast Archie must complete a risky “to-do” list to prove his virtue, but winning the love of his life might be the death of him.

Auto Repair (9:41) Produced by Elijah B. Moore,Written by Elijah B. Moore and Joseph Fry, Directed by Joseph Fry, Director of Photography Andrew Kennedy A young actor builds the courage to face his father and share important news with him.

The “Documentary” with George & Monty (7:00) Written and Produced by Jason King and John Schwert; Directed by John Schwert. The rise and fall of George and Monty, from the Funny or Die web series featuring Jason King and John Schwert.

Running Out (8:28) Produced by Juli Emmons; Written and Directed by Christopher Baker. Two brothers, who have grown apart over the years, share a reconnecting phone call.

Goodman (9:21) Produced, Written and Directed by Andrew Huggins. A modern-day adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, “Young Goodman Brown”, from 1835.


Ben Burden – “White Lighters” (2:00) Directed by Josh Yates. A music video based on the phrase, “I’ve been afraid for you.”

T is for Tada (19:33) Produced by Juli Emmons; Written and Directed by Christopher Baker. Three young friends stumble upon an old magician. Then, one friend decides to rob him.

Resolute (5:43) Written and Directed by Paul Duncan. A father faces keeping a promise when an epidemic hits home.

A Chess Player (22:45) Produced by Chip White; Written and Directed by Shea Sizemore. What happens when the one thing you love becomes the one thing you are? This is the story of Tony Summerall and his rise and fall as the world’s greatest Chess Master. From his relationship with his abusive, sports-obsessed father, to the grave consequences of an expected checkmate, to the fraction-of-a-second when one loses the identity they’ve spent a lifetime cultivating. The game may be chess, but the feeling is universal. There’s a little Tony Summerall in all of us!

Earworm (8:24) Written and Directed by Anil Dhokai. After waking up with a song stuck in his head, a man discovers that it comes from an unlikely source.

Companyon -”Sea is for Courage” (3:25) Directed by Mike Reda. A music video that  looks inside the mind of someone, anyone, struggling to find their purpose in life.

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